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Inspector Deborah Sanders
Police Sergeant Ian Blanchard

The Malvern Hills District is divided into seven "Local Policing Areas". These Local
Policing Areas (LPAs) are each co-terminous with either one or a group of
Malvern Hills District electoral wards. Each LPA is served by a
Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) consisting of a Police Constable and at least one
Community Support Officer. Local Policing in the District is under the
command of Inspector Deborah Sanders and Sergeant Ian Blanchard.  If you
click on the area where you live on the map below you can see who is on
your local Safer Neighbourhood team and which neighbourhoods comprise each LPA. 
The role of the SNT is to be highly visible and to work in partnership
with other public agencies and communities to resolve local problems. 
It is not their usual role to deal with emergency situations or other matters
that require an immediate police response but clearly if they are in the
area when and where such a response is required and they are in
a position to do so they will respond. It should be noted that Neighbourhood
Watch has adopted different names for the local policing areas as
compared with the names used by the police e.g."Teme Valley" as opposed
to "Martley"and "South Teme" as opposed to "Kempsey and Alfrick" in
the hope that they will be more "inclusive".


Whilst not part of the Police Service Malvern Hills District is also served by a
"Street Scene Team" the members of which work alongside the Safer Neighbourhood
Teams. To see more about the Street Scene Team please click the Malvern
Hills District Council Logo below.

Link to Street Scene Team Page
The Community Safety Partnership is another organisation which contributes
to the effort to keep crime down and maintain order on our streets.
Click on the logo below to learn how.
Interactive map of local policing areas

Updated on: 6th December, 2015