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The Role of the Link Co-ordinator

This page should be read in conjunction with the two pages "Beginners Guide"
and "The Coordinator". The principles set out in those two items apply equally
to the Link Co-Ordinator who, like all Co-ordinators, is a volunteer. It is stressed
that the list of objectives set out below is in no way definitive. They are
provided as a guide because they have been found to work successfully
both in the West Mercia Police area and elsewhere.

A Neighbourhood Watch Link Coordinator is encouraged to:-

1.Know and be known to the Co-ordinators in the scheme.

2.Act as a point of contact with the police in respect of matters that relate to the
whole of the scheme area.

3.In conjunction with the Co-ordinators and the members of the scheme consider
the best way to inform all members (residents and the occupiers of business
premises) of information regarding crime or suspect people/vehicles that is
issued from time to time by the police to Co-ordinators and others.

4.With the Co-ordinators consider from time to time whether there would be
an advantage in increasing the awareness of members in respect of various
Crime Reduction issues by the circulation of appropriate leaflets and booklets
available from West Mercia Police.

5.Endeavour to recruit Co-ordinators for those areas of the scheme that are
currently without them so ensuring that the whole of the community benefits
from an active Neighbourhood Watch.

Updated on: 6th December, 2015