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What Is It?
A revolutionary forensic coding system that protects your home and deters burglars
from stealing your property.   The system is being used by virtually every police
force in the UK.   Every police custody suite in the West Mercia Police
area is now equipped with SmartWater detection equipment and every prisoner is now
tested for the presence of SmartWater irrespective of the offence for which they
have been arrested.   Police state that residents are 5 times less likely to be
burgled in areas protected by SmartWater.   There is a variation on the principal
of SmartWater which enables it to be used in spray form in commercial premises.  
Many churches have applied SmartWater to the lead on their roofs in view of the
number of such thefts.

  • SmartWater is a clear fluid, which is quickly and easily applied to
    your property.
  • Smartwater will not harm your property.
  • Your SmartWater will have a unique formula enabling it to be
    forensically identified and thereby enabling your property to be traced
    back to you, should it be stolen, or lost.
  • SmartWater can be applied to small trinkets, works of art,
    golf clubs, laptops, garden equipment, ornaments, tack and
    virtually any other movable object.

The deterrent value of SmartWater is one of its greatest attributes as criminals
handling stolen goods can be directly linked to the crime. Registered users are
provided with warning labels that state your property is protected.  Following the
introduction of SmartWater there have been some quite amazing reductions in
crime in various areas of the country e.g. 50% in overall crime; 84% in burglary;
75% in vehicle crime; 69% in school burglary.   Part of the deterrence is the
public advertising, uniquely aimed at thieves, of the fact that SmartWater is being
used in the area – the familiar orange Neighbourhood Watch signs will be
replaced by new dual signs like the one below – and no you cannot just have
the signs, they are only available in areas where there is an active
Neighbourhood Watch scheme and SmartWater is being used by the residents.

What does it cost?
If you are a member of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme you get SmartWater for a
one off cost of £21.   Part of the £21 goes towards the purchase of an Ultra Violet
mini torch which enables you to see what you are doing when applying the
SmartWater to your property.   Remember that your household insurance may
well be discounted as a result of your belonging to a Neighbourhood Watch
scheme and a further discount maybe available if your property is marked
with Smartwater. The normal price for SmartWater purchased by an individual is £60
for a licence that has to be renewed every year.   Yet another good reason for setting
up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme if you haven’t got one already.

What do I need to do?

Send a message using the Contact Us button on the left of the home page or
or let your Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator know that you would like to have
Smartwater.  If you are a Coordinator let your neighbours know about it.  
You can see more information about this new and valuable tool against thieves by visiting www.smartwater.com

The members of our community will get the greatest benefit from this development
if we can get 100% take up – thieves will very quickly recognise that it is not in
their interest to steal from us


Updated on: 6th December, 2015