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View of shops in Tenbury
View of Shops in Upper Church Street Malvern
View of Shops in Upton


Shop Watch is a development of Neighbourhood Watch which caters specifically for the needs of the various retailers located in our main shopping areas such as Malvern, Upton and Tenbury. In very simple terms the retailers who belong to the scheme inform one another of people who either enter their premises and steal from the shop or whom the shop keeper believes intended to do so. Such thieves, often work in groups some members of which either obstruct the view of or distract shop staff whilst one or more others are stealing goods or cash or who may be engaging in credit card or cheque fraud. Experience shows that often such gangs will go from shop to shop taking what they can sometimes even having a member taking the stolen goods to a nearby vehicle so that those entering the shops can do so empty handed. The contact between shop keepers can be by the use of radios which can be hired at a modest cost or through the creation of a "Telephone Tree". A telephone tree is a system in which the person raising the alarm has say three other members to ring and each of those in turn has another three members to ring and so on quickly spreading the word amongst all members. The telephone tree can be organised in such a way that the calls spread outwards from the location of the original alarm. If you are a shop keeper and would be interested in taking part in a Shop Watch scheme please contact the appropriate organiser as shown below:-

MALVERN - Mr Chris Marks, at Iapetus, Belle Vue Terrace
01684 566929 chris@iapetus.co.uk

UPTON - Mr Peter Webb of Upton Tourism & Trade Association - Tel. 01684 594552

TENBURY - Mrs Chalkley at Banfields Tel. 01584 810403

Updated on: 6th December, 2015