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Pub Watch is a great example of members of a particular section of the community getting together in an active way to reduce the likelihood of their becoming the victims of criminal behaviour that is, in many ways, unique to their specific type of business. The licensees of our public houses and their staff are frequently subject to assault and their premises are often damaged by people who enter as customers but who turn to violence, often because they have had too much alcohol to drink. Having been ejected from one public house because of their unacceptable behaviour, frequently they will go to another pub and will probably be as equally "anti-social" there.

Pub Watch is a scheme in which licensees undertake to inform their colleagues if they have had an incident in respect of which the perpetrators have left their premises and whom they suspect may well move on to others nearby. The passing of such warnings, which will include the descriptions of those concerned, can help to ensure that injury to others and damage elsewhere is avoided. 

Pub Watch Schemes operate in Malvern Town, Tenbury and Upton on Severn. There is also a rural scheme in the Tenbury Local Policing area. If you are a licensee in Malvern Town and would like to be part of the scheme please contact either Sue Warrener the licensee of The Unicorn on Belle Vue Terrace or a member of your local policing team. If you are a licensee in Upton contact Claire Bunn the licensee of the Kings Head. If your premises are in Tenbury (town or country) and you would like to join your local scheme please contact your local policing team. If there isn't a scheme in your area and you think it would be a good idea if there was, please speak to a member of your local policing team for more detailed information and assistance in setting one up.

Updated on: 6th December, 2015