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On this page of the web site we include items relating to developments in
Neighbourhood Watch generally and to Malvern Hills District in particular.
If you are introducing initiatives in your area that will contribute to crime
prevention and to the maintenance of the area as one of low crime and
you feel that others would benefit from doing the same, please let us
know and we will include an item on this page. We will also include
items here about incidents of various sorts which are not strictly
"Crime Alerts" but about which the Police are seeking assistance
or it is felt should be brought to your attention. If you are holding
an event of some kind that is related to Neighbourhood Watch let us
know about it and we will put an entry on the Events page.
As Shaw Taylor used to say on Police Five
"Keep 'em peeled"

Fraud Scam Foiled
beware of Courier Fraud which is still active.
Issued 24-4-15

A Fraud Scam was foiled when a quick thinking bank employee called the
police after an unusually large amount of cash was requested to be
transferred from an elderly lady's account. As a result local police
were able to intercept and arrest two suspects.

This is a well practised scam where a fraudster telephones you claiming
to be from your bank or the police. They tell you that your card
details have been used fraudulently. Next they suggest you hang up
and ring the bank/police back to ensure the call is genuine.
Don't be fooled - they stay on the line.
They will then ask you to read out or key in your PIN to confirm
your identity -
You should never be asked to divulge this information.

In this case a taxi was sent to collect her cards with other identification
handed over as well. Then using your bank cards, personal identification
and PIN, they will clean out your accounts and potentially use it to
gain further loans in your name.

Thankfully the actions of a vigilant bank employee
have stopped a serious crime being committed.

ISSUED 23-4-15

Action Fraud and the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) have
been made aware that there are currently a number of emails being
sent out that appear to be coming from Apple iTunes, detailing a recent purchase.

The email states that if customers did not purchase the item they
should click on the link provided to obtain a refund. Once redirected
to a web page they are asked to fill out their card and other
personal details. This is a spam email with links to a malicious
web page that is being used to harvest personal details, possibly in
order to access victim’s bank accounts.

Protect yourself:

• Double check where the email has come from before clicking on the link
• Check your iTunes account for recent activity
• Consider contacting iTunes separately to double check your account activity
• Remember iTunes will not request your personal details
via email or through attached links
• If you have filled in one of the forms, do not use online banking
until you have had your computer checked out by an expert. 
Also consider contacting your bank to make them aware
of the situation – money held in your account may be at risk.

ISSUED 22-4-15

Online auction websites are being used by fraudsters to advertise vehicles
for sale which do not exist. 

The fraudster advertises on an auction website and gets their victim
to agree to purchase a vehicle, making sure that all correspondence
is done via email.  The victim then receive emails which claim to be
from genuine payment merchants or auction websites which state
that the  money they have paid for the vehicle will be
held in an ‘escrow account’.

The email indicates the money will be released to the seller, once the
person has confirmed that they’re happy with the purchase.
The email says that this will provide the person with ‘buyer protection’.
In reality these emails are fraudulent, they don’t come from the
named companies and the bank accounts are controlled by fraudsters. 

Protect yourself: 

-    Always stay within the terms and conditions of the auction websites.

-    Remember that PayPal do not include vehicles under their buyer protection. 

-    Meet the seller ‘face to face’ and view the vehicle before parting with any money. 

-    Be vigilant of emails that purport to be from genuine companies and
check the ‘domain’ name of the email address for any inconsistencies. 

-    Check feedback online by searching the associated phone numbers
or email addresses of the seller.

-    If the vehicle is below market value consider whether this is an
opportunity which is too good to be true! 

If you are the victim of fraud inform
Action Fraud

Link to Action Fraud web site

ISSUED 20-4-15

Fraudsters have set up a bogus website claiming to be the official site of
National Savings & Investments (NS&I)
and are contacting members of the public, cold calling them and offering them
the chance to invest in 65+ Bonds (also known as Pensioner Bonds).

Members of the public who are searching for the official website
(for example on search engines) may be directed to the fake one
which then asks them to supply contact information.

Victims are then receiving a follow up e-mail and/or phone call from
the fraudsters who are requesting evidence of identity documents
and bank account details either over the phone or by sending the
victims fake forms to fill out. A common name that appears on the
emails sent by the fraudsters is
‘Kevin Archer’.

Avoid being a victim of fraud:

  • Do not pass personal or banking information to companies that cold call you.
  • Please note that the only domain name (website address) that is legitimate is www.nsandi.com
  • National Savings & Investments (NS&I) do not make sales calls to
    potential customers (cold calls) so do not enter into discussion
    with cold callers claiming to be NS&I.
  • The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau is committed to tackling
    all types of fraud and the Cyber Prevention and Disruption Team
    aims to do this by disrupting and taking down
    fake and fraudulent websites.
  • If you have been a victim of fraud or suspect a company
    of fraud please contact
    Action Fraud
    0300 123 2040
    via the online reporting tool at

Courier fraud
Don’t be conned by phone scammers’ banking scare stories

Issued 17-4-15

An important message for our communities, local partners,
businesses and charities (April 2015)

In 2014, West Midlands Police ran a campaign to raise awareness of
a phone scam known as ‘courier fraud’ following a number of incidents
in the region where vulnerable older people were persuaded to hand
over their bank cards and PIN numbers to fraudsters impersonating
bank or police officials.

Our message is: Fraudsters want your PIN and bank card
– don’t let them scare you into giving these away.
It’s a con,

Please share this message as widely as you can to help prevent
other people from becoming their next victim. Together we can stop
courier fraud. Here are a few more details about the scam…

What is courier fraud?

Phone scammers cold call you claiming to be a bank employee, police officer
or other official. They say your account has been hacked and that
they need to seize the cards and security details, including
PIN numbers, to stop further fraudulent transactions. In some cases,
a courier arrives to collect the bank card from your home.
These fraudsters often suggest you hang up and call the number
on the back of the bank card – but remain on the line to intercept the call.

Protect yourself

Your bank or police will NEVER send a courier to
your home to collect bank cards

      Your bank or police will NEVER ask for your PIN number

      If you receive one of these calls, end it immediately

Always be wary of any unsolicited callers –
if in doubt, hang-up the phone
close the door and call police

Report it immediately

Call police
if you are contacted by someone asking for your
PIN number, your bank card or both

  Already handed your details to a suspected fraudster?
Call your bank and cancel your card immediately

         Call your bank from another telephone –
the fraudster may still be on the other line

Remember: Card collect is a con... Help police, pass it on.


ICE can be a problem but on the other hand ICE can be the solution to a problem

Click on the ICE below to see what all this gibberish is about.

Link to Information Page on ICE Emergency Contact Scheme


Updated on: 6th December, 2015