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Horse Watch is a development from Neighbourhood Watch which caters for
the particular issues in regard to crime that are faced by those in our neighbourhoods who own horses, stables and other equestrian related property. It is a sad fact that some thieves have recognised that there is a
ready market for stolen horses and equestrian "tack". Clearly much of such property only has a market in the equestrian world so Horse Watch fulfils
two objectives:-

(i) to warn the owners of horses, stables, horse boxes and
trailers and other related equipment to take great care of it by properly
securing it when it is not in use or when premises are left unattended and

(ii) to alert those people who are approached with the offer of a "bargain",
the seller of which is unknown, even if they have what appears to be a
credible story as to why the property/animal is being sold, that it may have
been stolen, possibly from somewhere far distant. The occupants of the
horse world are fairly well known to one another in local areas and the thief
recognises this fact and is willing to travel many miles to off load his ill-gotten gains.

With this in mind, although Horse Watch operates on a local basis,
"UK Horse Watch" monitors the scene nationally and, where appropriate, circulates information about equestrian crime beyond single police force boundaries. One thing that you might like to consider if you own horses or equestrian equipment is to ensure that you have photographs of it so that, if you are unlucky enough to be a victim of such crime, photographs of the stolen animal/equipment can be used in the alerts that are sent out.

In addition the Horse Watch Team monitor equine sales and follow up
reports and observations in respect of equine abuse, neglect and/or cruelty. Anyone can report instances of this in complete confidence (or anonymously) to

Lesley Williams on

Horse Watch provide other services from time to time such as tack marking, freeze marking, and chipping, as well as informing members via a newsletter of any new developments in products or crime trends.

There is no doubt that by observation, prompt reporting and/or communicating any offence (or suspected offence) to Horse Watch that the Police and Equine Owners and Equine Sales throughout the British Isles and beyond will be alerted within hours, sometimes within minutes.

You can be part of that process and help fight the problems equine owners face with increasing and worrying regularity

Horse Watch is Looking Out for You
Be Seen Be Safe
It is not only crime that horse riders need to be concerned with - safety is also important. As riders no doubt you are always careful on a personal basis but what about other road users - have you done all that you can to ensure that they can see you ? If you click on the British Horse Society logo below you can read about the "Be Seen Be Safe" campaign.
Link to British Horse Society Be Seen Be Safe web site page

If you would like to join West Mercia Horse Watch please contact
Lesley Williams on


Updated on: 6th December, 2015