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Farm Watch and Rural Watch are schemes that encourages the farming and rural community to report anything suspicious and aims to get relevant information regarding farm and rural crime and guidance regarding crime
prevention to farmers and other members of the rural community.

The main aims of Farm & Rural Watch are to:-

Reduce the opportunities for crime

Reduce the fear of crime

Improve communication links between farmers and rural residents
and the Police

Help increase detection through information received from
the Farm & Rural Watch systems.

The system consists of the police sending messages directly to people who have elected to receive them.  Recent "Farm & Rural Watch" messages have included warnings about thefts from farms of diesel; livestock; tractors other farm equipment and vehicles and of crimes committed in the many rural areas of Malvern Hills District.

A number of organisations have jointly produced crime prevention advice specifically tailored to the needs of the rural community and farmers in particular. If you would like to see a reproduction of the leaflet please click on the logo below.
Link to Rural Crime Prevention Advice Leaflet
If you would like to receive "Farm and Rural Watch" messages please click on the "Contact Us" Button on the left of the page and complete the message as appropriate


Warwickshire Rural Watch have developed an extremely comprehensive,
interesting and useful web site dealing with matters that are of use and value
to all rural residents wherever they live. You can reach their site by clicking on the logo below.

Link to Warwickshire Rural Watch Web Site

Updated on: 6th December, 2015