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Police Car
Police Car on emergency call
There are police officers on patrol throughout Malvern Hills District 24 hours a day, 7 days a week who respond to urgent calls (i.e. 999) for assistance. They are equipped with fast response vehicles and radios. Where they are stationed is irrelevant to where they may be at the time that they receive a call. The Force Control Room will know where the patrolling officers are and will send whoever is nearest, available and most appropriate to get to where they are needed as quickly as possible. Your local police officer or a member of his/her team may, by chance, be the nearest officer but bear in mind that he/she only works, on average, eight hours a day, five days a week and in addition to working on his/her local policing area has to attend training courses; go to Court; take leave and even be away ill on occasions. Be assured that the police officers who respond to your call will, if it is appropriate, after dealing with the urgent element, inform your local policing team of what has occurred and the latter will deal with any long term issues that have been identified.
West Mercia Police place calls into one of four categories*:-
Level 1 - Emergency requiring an immediate police response.  
These calls are those that require a physical police presence to arrive as quickly and as   safely as possible taking into account the circumstances and priorities in existence at the
Level 2 - Priority response.
These are calls where the communications operator acknowledges that there is a degree of importance or urgency associated with the initial police action, but an emergency response is not required.
Level 3 - Scheduled response.
Calls where the communications operator agrees with the caller that time is not critical.
Level 4 - Resolution without deployment.
Calls which can be dealt with adequately through telephone advice, contact or referral to another agency and no physical police response is required.
*West Mercia Police Publication "Customer Care - Be The Difference"

Updated on: 6th December, 2015