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Whilst the initial reason for the formation of Neighbourhood Watch schemes
was to give residents, and those in business in an area, a focus for action
against crime it has been found that active schemes have had the effect
of strengthening the bond between neighbours and, as a result, other
activities that are not crime related have developed under the
Neighbourhood Watch banner. 
One of these is " Message in a Bottle"
(previously known as "Datalink").
"Message in a Bottle" is actively supported by the Lions Club International.

What is "Message in a Bottle"?

"Message in a Bottle" is a voluntary scheme for anyone who needs reassurance that, should they suffer an accident or illness at home, the emergency services would
be aware of any vital information particularly as regards the medication
that they are taking.

How does the scheme work

Your details are stored in a clearly labelled plastic container, which you keep
in your fridge, it's size should allow it to fit in one of the door compartments. 
Two labels, known to the emergency services are displayed in your home,
one on your fridge door and the other, at eye level on the inside of your
main entry door.

What do you have to do?

1. Complete the emergency information form.
(It should be noted that the format of the form included in recently produced packs is different to the original so for clarity both versions are shown)
(To see a copy of the form, click here.)

2. Fold it and place it into the container, a maximum of four sheets for up
to four people will fit in one container.

3. Place one label on the inside of your main entrance door and the other on
the outside of the fridge door. 

(It should be noted that in recently produced packs both stickers are the same
i.e with the green background - this makes no difference to the effectiveness
of the scheme)
(Click here to see the labels)

4. Place the container in your fridge in a door compartment where it will be safe and quickly found.

Where can I get it?

You can get a "Message in a Bottle" pack at some doctors surgeries or alternatively
click on the Contact Us Button on the left of this page and complete the form appropriately.

Updated on: 6th December, 2015