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Crimestoppers is a national charity providing a telephone line where members of the public can give information they have regarding crimes which have been commited. Although it is a national telephone number it is answered within each police force area. Information is given anonymously and then passed to the relevant police station for action. 

As a result of calls to Crimestoppers between April and December 2009

6,230 criminals have been arrested and charged;

73,853 calls have been made to Crimestoppers with useful information;

£15,560,753 worth of illegal drugs have been seized and

£5,482,458 worth of stolen goods have been recovered

Callers to Crimestoppers are offered the opportunity of a reward for information which leads to the arrest and charge of someone.  The reward is also paid annonymously. 
Remember the Crimestoppers number and publicise this to your friends, family, work colleagues etc. 

For further information contact
01952 602634

Click the Crime Stoppers Logo below to visit their web site.

Link to Crime Stoppers Web Site

Updated on: 6th December, 2015